Easing Into Submission

A friend mentioned to me that he kind of wanted to try out submission again, but he had tried it once and it had been too much for him, too overwhelming.

I asked, “did you have a safe word when you tried it before?”

He blinked. “No... I probably should have!”

You know the golden rule: “treat others as you would like others to treat you”. The flip side of that is make sure that you’re treating yourself as kindly as you treat others!

My friend is a compassionate person, and he’d probably never tie someone up without a safeword or some way of checking in with them to make sure they weren’t overwhelmed.

Now he just needs to make sure he’s extending the same courtesy to himself, so that if he tries out bondage again, he chooses to try it with someone who is willing to be gentle with him. ^_^

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